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Written by dan kornblatt   
Monday, 20 May 2013 22:20

The BUMS represented Niagara very well finishing 6th out of 180 in the local club division.  We had two National Champions: Jessica Koltz in the woman’s 18-24 1650 free and Steve Michaels in the men’s 35-39 1000 free.  We had numerous Masters PR’s and several life time bests when HS or College is taken into account.  With our 20 swimmers we also swam 16 relays which really brings everyone together.  We had rented two houses a few miles from the pool so there was much “Apres Swim” celebration in the evenings especially in the hot tub.  There were also two swimmers there from Niagara who swam well.

One of the things we discussed as a team is that more of our members should swim at our District meets and also at end of the season meets like Zones or Nationals.  Going to meet gives you a check on your training and keeps you sharp.  I frequently ask swimmers if they are going to meets and get the answer “I can’t set any PR’s anymore so why bother”.  Of course older swimmers can’t swim as fast as they once did years ago.  That’s why Masters has age groups.  On the BUMS we have coined a new phrase: RPR’s.  This means recent personal records.  We look at a four year rolling time frame.  No need to wait to age up.  The goal is to set an RPR anytime you swim at a meet.  So on your meet entry use your previous RPR as your entry time.  That way you and anyone else can see your goals and if you are close or hitting them.  Hopefully this will give you some additional motivation to swim at meets I know it does for us.  A good place to start is our LCM Meet at Ithaca College on 7/13.  See you there!



#3 Douglas Koop 2013-07-05 18:32
One day District meets are great. You can get up early, swim five events and be home that night. Expenses are time requirements are minimal.

A great example is the Ithaca College LCM meet on July 13!

Zones and Nationals, however, require high expenses for travel, lodging, etc., and a time commitment of several days.

I've often gone to the "big meets" only to find that other swimmers in my age group are not there. So I "win" knowing it was because I was the only one there.

So I find that the real measure of my competitive performances are in the Top Ten listings at the end of the season. I then see direct comparisons with other swimmers even though we didn't swim together "temporally or spatially."

Just sayin',
Douglas Koop (age 72)
Adirondack District LMSC
#2 Kay Turner 2013-05-28 16:53
Congratulations to the BUMS for a great meet! They are an outstanding example of competitive spirit and team camaraderie.

After >30 yrs of Masters swimming, I too am a big fan of the RPR's.

#1 Rauni 2013-05-26 11:23
Congratulations !!!!

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