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Wednesday, 28 August 2013 22:03

Nazareth Masters will be hosting a meet at their facility for the third consecutive year. Sunday, October 6th is the day for the meet. Swimming at a short course meters pool is a great way to mix things up! We've had 27 USMS Top Ten swims at that pool in the first two years. The meet entry form is posted in the Calendar section.

On a related note, the 2013 Top Ten listing for short course yards has just been published. Niagara swimmers made the list 42 times, which is our most number of entries since 2005! Congratulations to our members who made it: Jessica L Koltz, Katie Hursey, Emily M Murphy, Rebecca L Smith, Dana Gianniny, Ann Marie Crye, Kay B Simonson, Dorothy M Tourtual, Amy C Johnson, Betty C Dunn, Andrew F Schaefer, Matthew K Paushter, Stephen R Michaels, George N McNamara, and John H Hodgson.

You can search through any Top Ten listing at USMS:



#1 Kelly Darlak 2013-09-02 21:24

I was unable to open the meet entry; after it was downloaded to my computer it opened in Word with a bunch of random characters. Could it be reposted? Thanks!


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