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Tuesday, 11 December 2012 15:48

Each year, USMS has a series of Long Distance Championship events. The primary "meet host" is not located in our LMSC and does not actually provide the venue; they merely process the results. This is because the event can be completed in a pool of your choosing.

In the month of January, the One Hour Postal Championship will take place. Simply put, each competitor swims as far as possible in exactly one hour. We are able to offer a venue for any Niagara LMSC member interested in completing the event. Rochester Area Masters Swimming (RAMS), along with Monroe Community College's Swim Team, will host the event at MCC on Sunday, January 20th. There are limited slots available (first-come, first-served), so read the complete meet information and then sign up! Over 2,000 USMS members finished the swim last year!

Please read all of the meet information here: One Hour Postal Championship at MCC.


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