Pre-Meet Checklist:

  • Verify pool facility availability.
  • Request date on Niagara LMSC calendar with the Sanctions Coordinator.
  • Send proposed entry form to Sanctions Coordinator for approval.
  • Complete the USMS On-Line Event Sanction Request Process: During this process, you will need to confirm if pool measurements are on file with USMS. If they are not, you will be required to submit them prior to the competition. Please discuss further with the Top Ten Recorder: Pool Length Certification Form.
  • Organize meet committee and designate responsibilities.
  • Order awards (optional).
  • Verify your timing system operator has a current version of Active Hy-Tek Meet Manager (should be 7.0+). If you do not have a current version, please contact the Sanctions Coordinator. We can provide you with a current version free of charge, but this may only be used with masters events.
  • We require use of Club Assistant Online Meet Entry (OME) for all events. This handles payment processing, member verification, and minimizes the amount of labor required by all parties (swimmers, event hosts, and LMSC volunteers). Assist the Sanctions Coordinator with the setup of CA OME as needed.
  • Create/setup your event file in Meet Manager. If you require assistance, we provide an optional service to create this on your behalf. There will be a small deduction in your meet bonus if you require this service.
  • Upload your meet file provided by Club Assistant Online Meet Entry (OME) in Meet Manager. Seed (if pre-seeded) and print program.
  • Compile list of swimmers to be used at check-in.
  • Arrange for officials, lifeguards, and pool personnel. In most cases, the LMSC Officials Coordinator will arrange for officials (typically four: referee, starter, 2 S/T), which are reimbursed by Niagara LMSC for their services. At a minimum, refreshments should be offered for all volunteers. Please discuss additional details with the Officials Coordinator.
  • Arrange for timers and other volunteers (check-in, concessions, awards, and announcer).
  • Prior to meet check all equipment for availability and working condition.
  • Prepare appropriate signs to direct participants within the facility.

Day of the Meet:

  • Verify all pool equipment is working properly: lane-lines, flags, blocks, touchpads, and counters.
  • If the facility has a movable bulkhead, it must be measured before and after each session. If an initial measurement is already on file, then only a bulkhead confirmation is necessary (measure the two outer lanes and one center lane).
  • Distribute meet program and notify participants of any changes to the program if applicable.
  • Seed any deck seeded events and print, post and distribute all cards and/or lists of seedings to announcer, timers, and officials. (Note: Deck entries are not permitted).
  • Both the USMS and facility insurance forms should be available. First aid should be available on site as well as posted emergency phone numbers.
  • Hold timers meeting – a minimum of one timer per lane is required with automatic timing. Records shall require automatic timing, semiautomatic timing with three buttons or manual timing with three watches.
  • Arrange for officials meeting prior to start to discuss conduct of meet, assign duties/jurisdictions, as well as to discuss any recent rule changes. The Meet Referee may opt to make announcements to all participants.
  • Post LMSC records and provide announcer with copy for use throughout the meet.
  • Supervise warm-up in accordance with USMS rules.
  • Do not change meet breaks as listed in the meet information.

After the meet: refer to the Meet Results Submission page.

About Niagara LMSC

The Niagara Local Masters Swim Committee (LMSC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to a healthy swimming lifestyle for adult swimmers, within the Western NY region. The Niagara LMSC is the local governing body of U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS).

There are over 600 registered Masters Swimmers in Niagara and over 60,000 in USMS. Anyone 18 years of age or older is eligible to join. No prior competitive swimming experience is necessary.

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